17 February 2010


This is a piece I started years ago. It is a piece of loosely woven cotton painted with Lumiere paint. Then machine and handstitched all in purple and pinks.
I found it last week in a pile of UFO´s and started stitching again, but I really don´t feel like this is worth it. I like the colours, but it lacks contrast and I don´t know how to make it better. Maybe I´ll cut it up for some postcards? Should I add beads? Maybe in complementary colours?
What do you do with a piece that seems wrong? I don´t think I want to put it away for another few years, but am hesitant to throw it away.


arlee said...

perhaps introduce a new colour? an overlaid shape or two? text? i like it, but more punch would be good

Anonymous said...

I like it too. Cutting it up probably isn't an option because of all the hand stitching. Beads?

Terri said...

WOW I really like it- you could use it as a background for something. I applique stuff on top of my quilts. Seems like a great start towards something.:)