20 February 2010

New direction and another WIP

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions on the stitched piece from last post. I did some stitching yesterday evening and introduced some new colours. It´s a greenish blue and a yellowish orange and I think that might help and get me further. I will add some beads and see how this looks later today. Need daylight to get the colours right.
Thanks again for your help!

And this is a sneak peek on another piece I am working on. All fused and machine stitched so far but still a lot of stitching to do. I bought this fabric by Sherill Kahn years ago and never dared to cut it up. But I so love the colours that I now started and think it might be a nice little quilt for spring.


Eva said...

Schöne Arbeit! Just discovered your blog, and it seems to be very attractive.

Chris Gray said...

I really love the colours you've used here...and those Impressmenow stamps look great!