28 June 2014

And another pillow is finished

This one was quick and easy. The purple middle part was waiting to be added to a project for a long time. So it only took a few hours to finish it all.

31 May 2014

Another pillow

Another pillow finished. I did 2 different sides, so I got 2 in 1 :-)

24 May 2014

Bowl mat for my dog

With this project I tried a few new things. First time I did halfsquare triangles, then there are lots of strips in them and I quilted the mat with a walking food. I really like the quilting. It is easy, fast and the result is much better than straight line quilting with a regular food.
I also tried a new binding technique that gives a wonderful flat binding where the seam is.
All those new techniques come from classes on craftsy. I really love those video classes!

25 December 2013

Merry Christmas and back to the Creative World

I´ve been away from blogging a very long time, but here I am again and I have a few things to show in the comming days. I did create some quilt tops and so far the only finished piece is this cushion.
We bought a new sofa, so needed some new accessories ;-)

So for now, have a wonderful christmas time and Happy Quilting to all...

25 February 2011

Juicy Fruits feltcollage

Inspired by Jane LaFazio's beautiful felted collages I started this piece a few weeks ago and just decided it was finished now. I am not completely happy with it cause I think the background is too busy, but it is a starting point and the next one is already in the works.
I enjoyed the handstitching part as it is so easy to stitch on felt, even with real thick yarn.

06 February 2011

Phantasia redone

I redid "Phantasia" from last year cause the it started to change it's form due to the method I tried to hang it on the wall. Also the longer I looked at it the more I wanted to do more stitching on it. So, off the wall and redone and finished like a quilt. I like it a lot more now. Sorry for the bad photo. The weather here is awful and I am not able to get a better quality right now. Will give it another try when the sky clears.

13 September 2010

Embellisher Armband swap

I am a member of a yahoo group solely for swapping things made with the embellisher. I don't join in the swaps too often, but this time I had to cause I love making those armbands. The one above (three different views of the same armband) is made by me and will go on it's way to Jenny today.

The black/pink/purple one below was made by Jenny for me. Absolutely love the colours she used and the woven design is lovely. The second photo below shows the inside which is made with a beautiful black and white fabric and the closure is velcro.

We could tell our swap partner which colour we would like and as Jenny chose earthen tones I had to step out of my comfort zone. Not my colour sheme at all, but I enjoyed doing this and while stitching I was thinking of moss and autumn and mushrooms and all I can see right now on my walks in the woods with my dog.

11 September 2010


This little bird has been visiting for a few weeks now. He comes, than stays away for days and returns on his own schedule. Not sure if he will be able to make the winter outside, so will try to get in contact with a rescue group nearby. He is afraid of me and won't let me come close, so I think it would be very difficult to catch him. But I am no expert when it comes to birds.
And look who is hiding here? This little guy isn't shy at all. I think if I really try I could make him come to take food from my hand. But I think it is better to keep distance. Sometimes it can be dangerous for wild animals to loose the fear of humas. So I just watch him when he comes and looks for nuts in our garden.

29 August 2010

Colourful time

I´ve been having fun using up lots and lots of colourful fabric scraps from my stash creating fabric beads and some pouches. It's been the first time for me sewing a zipper into a pouch and it worked quite well.
The two boxy pouches on the left and right are made with the help of a great tutorial on the three bears blog. Thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial!

19 August 2010

Some more fabric beads

I've been busy creating these fun fabric beads. I'm not sure how to use them but a sort of curtain takes form in my mind. I need something for our living room window cause too often birds fly into it. I think those colourful beads might help to keep the birds from flying into the window and getting hurt.

13 August 2010

Fabric beads class

I joined an online class with Alma Stoller about fabric beads and other little fun embellishments and this is the first set of beads I did. They are so much fun and it is a great way to use up scraps.

03 August 2010

Colour combinations

After stitching the first 3 squares for my 15 sided biscornu pincushion I felt that the colours don´t work too well with each other. So I did 2 more and am now trying to find the combination I like most. I definitely want to use the threads used in #5. They are so juicy and vibrant and I have 7 or 8 different kinds of threads in the same colour range. Now what to use as the contrasting colour? I like the greenish one in #2 and the pink-orange one in #3. Both are from the Caron Collection which is one of my favourite brands for embroidery threads. What do you think?

Funny thing is when you look at all of them, do you feel that the left one in the first row looks bigger than the other ones? It´s exactly the same size but no matter how often I look at it I have the same funny feeling something is wrong.

I signed up for Alma Stoller's class for her gorgeous fabric beads and I can´t wait for it to start on August 9. I love those colourful beads and already have dozens of ideas how to use these. Thinking mostly of jewelry right now but hope to incorporate them in some future quilts, too.