12 December 2009

First of the 30x30 series "ABC"

Fused cotton, stamped, painted with acrylics, machine quilted and stitched

So here is the first piece of a series of 30x30cm or 12"x12" quilts.
I like the colour combination and some of the stamping. I have hundreds and hundreds of stamps in my drawers (did sell them years ago), so there is a lot of things to try for me. Luckily the old stamppads still work very well, so I don´t have to buy a lot of things to get back into stamping.
I´m quite happy how the quilted grid turned out, but don´t like the thread I used. Way too thick (Valdani Cotton), but now I know better for the next time. That´s one of the reasons for this series, cause I want to do a lot of testing without being afraid to ruin a larger piece.

Today I got a package from Rainbow Silks with the first two issues of Art Quilting Studio by Stampington. I haven´t yet decided if I should subscribe to it, cause it is a bit too much "Stampington-Style" for my taste. I know it is all about photos now and how to print and transfer onto fabric and I´m into it, too. But I am not into all these old photos of relatives. Lot´s of beige and brown and I don´t know - not my style.
But there are a few very interesting articles, so I might try it for one year and see if I change my mind...

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Fran├žoise said...

Nice design and colours!
Have a good day.