20 December 2009

Orange Squares

A small quilt I made over the last 2 weeks. It all started out with a fused background of leftover scraps but they all got covered in the process. The background is machine stitched and I learned an interesting thing. I used 2 different threads in the same needle. One a thick cotton and the other a trilobal polyester. While stitching the polyester thread created intersting loops on top of the stitching while the cotton thread stitches as usual. I´m afraid it can´t be seen even in the detail picture, but I will experiment with this type of stitching in the future. If you never tried using 2 threads in the same needle, you are missing out on something very interesting. It can be tricky to find the right tension, so it is best to start with some threads the same material like 2 polyester or 2 cotton. And make sure the eye of the needle is large enough, or you will have broken threads.
The same yarn that is used for the hanging stick is couched down on the background. The squares are made of polyester felt, painted batting and some sequins.

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