11 December 2009

Challenges/Projects for 2010

Well, it seems my health is a bit more stable now, so I decided to join some projects/challenges for the next year. I always missed the deadline for signing up for the bead journal project, but not this time. So, starting in January 2010 I will try to create a beaded piece every month. Not sure yet what size or theme to chose, but I think I will go for colour combinations/abstracts as I am trying to get colour theory into my lazy head.
And today the Three Creative Studios offered a quilt challenge for the next year and I signed up instantly. It´s for only 6 quilts and I am sure I will love that.
And I am right now preparing lots of background sandwiches cause I want to work on a series of small quilts all measuring 30cm x 30cm (12"x12"). The first 2 are almost finished and it is so much fun to be able to create daily again.
And last but maybe not least I hope I can join again the Abstract Challenge Yahoo Group I belonged to a few years ago. As I recall they have a monthly theme for a small quilt 8"by8".

Wow, seems I am a bit crazy, but it just feels right :-)

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