21 January 2007

TAST - so much inspiration

This Take a stitch Tuesday Challenge is so much fun! So many people joined and the inspiration is overwhelming. Here are 3 samples I really love.
Bonnie did 2 absolutely stunning masks. The first one is a few days back, so don´t miss scrolling down to see that one, too.
Marianne is working on a bag and adds to it every week. It is absolutely beautiful and I can´t wait to see what she will be adding next week.
Dy has created a stunning Gerbera. Words fail me to describe it. Take a look for yourself....
And there is so much more to see every week.

And here is another gorgeous piece. It is created by Momo for the Textile Tuesday Challenge. The theme is "Moon". Isn´t it a beauty?

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Judi said...

Finally - I keep seeing TAST in people's posts but didn't have a clue what it was .. thanks for printing the whole name out! Now I can go find it!