22 January 2007

Needlefelt Challenge "Blue"

Finally I did my first piece for the Needlefelt Challenge. The theme is "Blue".
It´s an experiment with various "techniques". It´s been fun to play and learn a few things. First thing is that working like this I have to chose colours with more contrast. In reality the different hues and tones of blue look good, but after being felted they all look a bit pale. On the photo it is almost impossible to see that there have been 4 different sorts of blue used in this piece.
Nothing very fancy, but a good sampler to learn from.


Vicki said...

Nothing fancy? Darned cool if you ask me!

NuvoFelt said...

Karin, this is just what the challenge is all about. Well done. Did you use a backing? Did the colour of that influence the final result? I really like this sample. Thanks for taking part

linda stokes said...

Hi Karin, love the colours in this. I agree about the different shades of blue not showing up, thats why I added hand stitching to mine. Thanks for visiting & your comment.

Maureen said...

I look forward to seeing MORE of your work!
At the moment I dont have time to "fit in" Sharon's TAST but,give me time!

Dianne said...

I agree with Vicki - I think it's pretty cool too. Love all the squares.

feltedfibers said...

this challenge is fun isent it? love the squares, did you embellish from both sides? look forward to seeing "emerald"