20 January 2007

Design idea from TAST

Just been playing a bit on the computer cause the detached chain stitch piece reminds me of "Zierlauch". Sorry, I have no idea what it is called in englisch, but here are some pictures
I have to buy a lot more of this yummy thread first, but I think this might look real nice. Not sure how to do the stems. Stitching, too? Maybe with the same stitch or something completely different? Felt?
Unfortunately the fabric I used for the background is an off cut piece and I have no idea what it is exactly. I do remember where I bought it, so I will have to go there again and hopefully get some more. It seems to be a linen/polyester mix, but I am not sure.


kristin La Flamme said...

Zierluch is Allium in English. I love it too!

Anja´s Wunschpunsch said...

Ist eine tolle PC-Spielerei. Würde sicher toll gestickt oder Blätter appliziert aussehen.


Vicki said...

It sure does look like allium - your design is a very cool idea.

Dianne said...

I love your design. It's wonderful when you can see possibilites from something you have made.

Maureen said...

I can visualise your Allium done in multi strands turkey stitch!
maybe bias tape for stems??