26 January 2007

Emerald for Needlefelt Challenge

Just finished this little piece for the Needle Felt Challenge. Theme was "Emerald" and it was a bit difficult for me to start as I don´t like green at all. But then it was fun and I am glad I was able to come out of my comfort zone.
I started with various hues of green as a base. Then added a thin layer of yellow wool roving. Then green organza and to finish it a bit of green chiffon.
It´s very threedimensional and that is what I like very much. I am not sure if I will add some beads later on. What do you think?
It´s a little larger than postcard size and I wish it was a lot larger. It would make a great little purse for the evening. So, as I don´t have a single piece of green in my wardrobe, I might try another piece with pink and purple or maybe blue and orange?


Dianne said...

I think it looks great! I also love the 3 dimensional look, and that green chiffon really makes it zing.

linda stokes said...

Karin, I love this! Some beads would be good too.