01 October 2006

Textile Tuesday

felt, chiffon, tulle, hand and machine stitched 17cm x 19cm

This is my piece for textile tuesday. The theme is City.
It´s not exactly what I intended but I like it the way it looks now. Even DH said he likes it! Doesn´t happen that often.
It isn´t finished as I don´t know how to frame it. I think I will try to make a wooden frame of some sort but never did before, so might need a bit of time.

I am more than happy with the first 2 weeks of Textile Tuesday. Take a look at the blog --->>>
Textile Tuesday
Really interesting work there and I hope some more will join the challenge in the future.


Lara Lorelei said...

Hi Karin

I love this. I'm enjoying getting back into textiles again via this project

Claire xx

FaeryDi's Fabric Fantasies said...

I really like your city scene. I know what you mean about DH!!