29 September 2006

Red Jellyfish

I started this piece a few weeks ago and got stuck, cause I wanted to add some more but didn´t know what and how. I finally decided it had to be Red and circular. So here it is - the finished

Red Jellyfish

Needle felted, quilted and embellished 43cm x 33cm
Taking a photo of this piece is absolutely impossible. Don´t ask why! I tried in different rooms, different light, with and without flash and even outside. No matter what I try, it looks awful. Either the orange in the felted area looks like a neon orange or the colours are all dull like in the pic above. So I´m afraid, this is all I can show to you, sorry.
The jellyfish are done by wrapping red yarn around key rings of different size. I got the idea for them from the last "Stitch" magazine, where they did buttons in a similar way.
Here is a side view:
And here is a detail which is a bit better.
I think it might be the diffent reflection of the materials. The yarn is like silk and the felt is matt.


Kristin L said...

How cool! I would never have made the leap to create those red jellyfish, but they are perfect to spice the quilt up! They are a wonderful addition, and carry the dimensionalism of the felt another step further.

sue b said...

Very cool! The rings are a nice contrast to the lines on the quilt and the color is perfect. Nicely done!

Kim said...

I liked the way you finished this piece - the 'jellyfish' brings it together nicely.

teri springer said...

Very cool. When the name *Red Jelly Fish* first came up I thought *telephone.* Now, you may wonder how (and why) I would make such a connection....my long distance company is *Red Jellyfish" which is a company that gives part of it's profits to environmental causes.....