05 October 2006

Blogger Beta

I just had the chance to change the Textile Tuesday blog into Beta Blogger and am really happy with those new features. It is a lot easier to customize your blog and I hope soon all blogs will be changeable into the beta version. You can change all colour settings for the fonts and the background colours and and and. Only bad thing for changing is that you lose a lot of the old stuff from your blog. Buttons and everything you added is gone and you have to add it all new. BUT it is much easier to add now, cause you have a template and don´t need to find out where to insert into the HTML.
I am not sure how they pick who is able to change to beta, maybe it is random. You will see if you are able to change when you log in to your blog. If they give you the chance it will show up there. As far as I know there is no chance to change without Blogger asking you to do so.
But there is also no way back. When you change you have to stay in beta. Let´s see if I will regret in a few weeks or not.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karin!
I have also Beta Blogger, and think it´s seems much easier than blogger. But how I do when I will get a a permalink into the text, I dont´t really know yet. Now my logo to European Fiber Arts work, thanks!

Beate said...

Wenn du vor dem Wechsel eine Kopie deiner Links machst, dann wäre es einfacher, oder? Ich verstehe nur immer noch nicht den Unterschied.... Ich meine den zu Beta

Anonymous said...

I've been using Beta for a while now and it seems to be getting better and better. Easy to use and love being able to change things around.
Hugs, Alis