17 October 2006


Finished two small pieces today. First one is for the abstract challenge group and the theme is "Fractures". I started with the idea of a broken wall, but then it went a different way and here is what I ended up with. Need a title.....

It´s felt and FME. Size is 17cm x 23cm

The other piece is for the Textile Tuesday challenge and the theme is "Abstract". I always wanted to do an abstract version of a painting by van Gogh or Monet. So I decided on the "Irises" by van Gogh. Won´t post the painting but here is a photo of it: IRISES
fabric scraps cut raw edge, quilting, 18cm x 13cm


Been busy with internet stuff the last few days cause I (together with 2 other ladies) started a yahoo group for all interested in textile courses offered by City and Guilds. I enrolled for the Stitched Textiles Course a few months ago but just didn´t get a starting point. First I got sick, then my dog got sick and as the theme I have to work on "Stars/Crosses" isn´t at all up my alley, I always found something else that needed to be done. I think this is called procrastinating, right? Well, I´m guilty, but decided to change this NOW. The group is for all who are interested in those textile courses and we hope that we can find help and support with each other, so we can all finish our courses in a given time. We will set monthly goals and talk about our work. I´m sure that will make working on a distance learning course a lot easier. And it is a lot of fun to meet artists with the same interests. If you are interested please feel free to join our little group.


sue b said...

Your Textile Tuesday challenge is awesome! Really well done. Love that fractures piece too, very organic and a nice use of colors.

Anonymous said...

Karin ... Love the fractures piece. Reminds me of stone retaining walls in Wales and COrnwall with waterfalls running over them.

emmyschoonbeek said...

I think it is a great idea that you started a yahoo group for the s and G I am stil not sure if I do a course but I love to join the yahoo group

Anonymous said...

Love both of these pieces Karin but especially the factures one. Very vibrant.
Hugs, Alis

arlee said...

How about "No Stone Left Unturned"? Love the graphic quality!