10 October 2006

Modelling felt

Some of you asked about the modelling felt I used for the bowl. I just had a look and it is from a german company called "Güterman". It has a description on it in 10 languages, so I guess they do export it to many countries. I can try to give you the name in various languages:
English: modelling felt
Germany: Formfilz
French: Feutre Artisan
Italian: Feltro sagomato
Spanish: Fieltro artesanal
Dutch: Modelleervilt
Swedish: Hobbyfilt kraftig
Danish: Formfilt
Finish: Muotoiluhuopa

Hope there is no typo and I didn´t get the languages mixed up ;-)

The felt comes in sheets of 30x45cm and is very thin and sturdy. Like cardboard.

Hope this helps. The bowl is now completely dry and it keeps it´s shape perfectly. Will definitely work with this stuff again as it is very easy to handle.

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Kim said...

Thanks for the information on modelling felt. I liked the bowl but didn't understand how it held the shape.