23 October 2006


Wasn´t easy for me this time to do the Textile Tuesday Challenge, as I am not feeling lucky at all right now. When I gave the theme I thought our dog Daisy was much better and we had a very good chance that she might get off the cortisone sooner or later. Then, on wednesday, she had a very bad relapse and now I am all down. I contacted another vet who is a dog therapist, too, and hope she will be able to help us to get the dosage down. It is quite complicated cause her behavioural problems cause a lot of stress and as cortisone is a stress hormone it is more than difficult to find the right dosage for her. The vet at the clinic doesn´t understand at all that Daisy isn´t just a body filled with organs but a living creature with a lot of stress and problems due to her former life.
It is so hard for me right now, cause Daisy and I fought so many battles together. She is such a brave girl and now those damn allergies and the stress might be her end.
So, I didn´t feel lucky at all while I was stitching, but as always it helped to get my mind off the problems for a short while.


sue b said...

So sorry to hear about Daisy. It's never easy when they're sick is it? When on of mine is ill my world comes to a screetching halt. I'm glad she's with someone who loves and cares for her.

DubiQuilts said...

My blessings and prayers for you and Daisy. Our dogs love us as much as we love them.

Micki said...

Sorry to hear Daisy is having a difficult time. I know the stress that puts on you too. I like the design of your piece.

Beate said...

Oh, ich kann mir vorstellen, wie sehr du leidest und ich wünsche Euch alles alles Gute.
Negrita ist ja gerade erst mal 2 Jahre alt und gesund und munter und ich darf garnicht daran denken, dass sich das ändern könnte. Nein,d afür ahbe cih keinen Raum.
Ich drücke dir beide Daumen damit bakd wieder sie Sonne scheint, für dich und Daisy. Alles Liebe.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of both you and Daisy at this time.
But that piece is beautiful.
Hugs, Alis

Anonymous said...

Oh, so sorry to read that!
Maybe the stitching could help you feeling a bit better!

Serendipity said...

Karin - it's nice to have found your blog ----- Hope the book on Japan was useful !! I have just started a blog - I am suffering from artists block and have been making cards for a friendly shop to sell! Love your work. Anna Nowicki www.pumpkin1.fsnet.co.uk