17 September 2006

Left brained and a new challenge

You Are 25% Left Brained, 75% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.
Are You Right or Left Brained?

Surprise or not? Well, to be honest, I thought it would be more like 50/50, but I really like 25/75 better. First question for this test was, if my desk looks like a total mess or if it is all well organised. Well, organised - what does this funny word mean? Never heart of it before and had to look it up in the dictionary ....

But as the organised 25% of my brain sometimes get me activ, I decided to organise (uups, that word again) a little challenge. Not sure if anybody would like to join, but here is the idea:
It´s called "Textile Tuesday", cause I will give a new theme every tuesday. No sign ups or strict rules. If you would like to join just create a textile piece by interpreting the theme. The size and shape of the textile piece is up to you. If you prefer smaller scales maybe a postcard or ATC will do, or if you like to work 3D an art doll or sculpture would be great. Sky is the limit.
When your piece is finished please write a comment on the blog and give us a link, so we all can see how you interpreted the weeks theme.
You can find all the infos and necessary links on the
Textile Tuesday

I will try to create a button for it, so you can put it on your blog, but am not sure if can do that. As soon as I have one I will let you know.


Caitlin said...

Cool, I'll play!

Kathy Wagner said...

Sounds like fun! I'd like to play along!

Beate said...

hört sich auch für mich gut an, bin dabei, wenns auskommt :-)

emmyschoonbeek said...

I like it and love to try it

Deborah said...

Yikes...I'm only 20/80! Is there any hope??

rachel h said...

Hi karin,
It's Rachel from flickr. I have posted some explainitory info on my blog about how I weave my tapestry. Hope that helps.

Kim said...

Sure, why not! I'm trying to ask more of myself creatively.