14 September 2006

Big Foot

Yesterday the "Big Foot" I ordered arrived. I just had a few "test-drives" with it on some test-fabric, but so far it is great. It is almost what I hoped it would be. The foot itself is gigantic, compared to other darning feet I know. It works wonderful on felt or other bulky stuff, that usually gets caught in smaller feet. The needle is off center, but I don´t mind, cause I don´t do shadow quilting and if I want to do it, I can use the Janome foot. The plastic is absolutely transparent, which is great. You can see exactly where you worked already. It´s almost like there is no plastic. It is a bit tricky to attach the first time, but then it is as easy as with the Janome foot.
So, I think I am a happy girl and the next project will be with a lot of very bulky, fluffy stuff *grin*

Today and yesterday was a bit chaotic (a dentists appointment and an appointment at the vet), so I just did a few small pieces of "Fantasy fabric". I used up some ugly batik I bougth years ago and some scraps from finished projects. Not spectacular so far, but I can add some
tulle, beads or whatever works with it when I use it in a project. I like to prepar stuff like this when I don´t have the time to work on a project.
Tomorrow will be a Janome-day cause Janome is doing a promotion tour and they will be in a hotel not too far from my place. Not sure what to expect, but I will go have a look. I want a few other feet for the machine, so maybe a good chance to test before buying.

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