20 September 2006

This and that and some other stuff

The last few days passed way too fast. I spent a bit of time on the computer to get the Textile Tuesday blog going and we already have a first picture uploaded. I have decided what I will do as the family piece yesterday but still have to decide on the technique before starting. All I can say now is - it will be another abstract piece and I spent some time with fractals again...
Those fractals are really addictive and I am thinking of starting a new blog for fractals. Although fractals are a very good source for textile art. I saved dozens of images which I hope to turn into textile pieces sooner or later.

The Juki foot for my Janome arrived 2 days ago and I love it. Now I have all I could dream of. The Big Foot is perfect for working with felt and other fluffy materials and the Juki foot is great for free motion quilting/embroidery on a flat surface. So for a while I hope I don´t have to buy new equipment for my machine.
Got 2 new books about beading and found a bookshop yesterday that has a quite good assortment of textile books. As I already spent way too much money at a yarn shop I just looked at the books without buying. A horrible feeling!

Off to the vet again for another vitaminB12 shot. Daisy is much better now and it really looks like we can keep the problems under control with that diet. So far the only things she is allowed to eat are potoatos and chicken. Sounds boring, but she loves it! But she is still on cortisone, so we will have to wait if she will be OK after she stops taking the pills. Not sure when this will be, but right now I am thankfull that she feels good and the symptoms seem to be under control.

Tonight DH is on a business trip, so lots of time to work on my Family piece.

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Suzie Q said...

Hi Karin, I just found your blog via a link on Terri's blog (http://stegart.blogspot.com/)where she mentioned your new Textile Tuesday challenge and I can not believe the coincidence! I have just this very week started a separate blog for my own fractals! I use a different programme to the one you use (Tierazon), but thought I'd let you have the address in case you'd like a look at mine - it's a fascinating pastime, eh? :) Mine are at http://fraqtals.blogspot.com - hope to see you there!
Off to have a proper look at yours now! :)