17 August 2006

Still feeling like a hospital here

Daisy (our dog) had an operation yesterday and tonight we had to drive to the clinic cause she was in horrible pain. She seems to feel a bit better now.
As she get´s panic when I put this darn thing on her, which looks like a megaphone and should prevent her from licking or biting the wound, I will try to sew sort of a suit for her. Please all wish us look I will succeed, cause that would help her so much.
She looks at me as if she wanted to say "YOU did this to me". She is feeling so bad, I could cry.
New and unknown situations are hell for her, as she never learned to cope with them. She was rescued from a house when she was 1 or 2 years old. She had to live there with more than 30 other dogs, all gone mad because of the way the dogs were treated there. She never met a sane person before she was rescued and isn´t able to understand that most people are nice and won´t hurt her. Situations like these are driving her nuts.
Frtunately DH is home this week, so he can take walks with Joker, our littel Parson Russel Terrier. He has been so sweet tonight, when we drove to the clinic. He makes it all a bit less horrible for me. He is a littel sunshine.


sue b said...

I hate it when my dogs are sick or hurt. At one time or another all of mine have had to wear that cone on their heads too and none of them appreciated it! I understand that they make a soft donut like collar now although I haven't had to use one in a long time on any of my dogs. I hope Daisy feels better soon.

Beate said...

Oh Karin, ich fühle mit Dir, es ist schlimm wenn unsere Hunde leiden, vor allem, wil sie es nicht klar sagen können. Ich wünsche deinem Hund gute Besserung und Dir alles Liebe. Alles wird gut

Elle said...

Poor baby! I hope she feels better soon!