25 August 2006

Baaaack !!!!

Oh my, it feels sooo good to be back to normality (well, at least almost).
Daisy is better now. We have a 95% sure diagnosis. It is an allergic reaction that caused so much trouble. Now she is on a diet, to find out which food is OK for her for the future. She also gets cortisone, which I don´t like, but helps her. She is almost back to normal. Now if we are lucky the diet will solve the problem on long sight. If we aren´t she might have to stay on cortisone for the rest of her life, as there is a form of this allergic reaction nobody knows what causes it. So let´s hope it is the food and all I have to do from now on is being a dogfood-cook. So far Daisy and Joker like the stuff. Meat and potatos. Not that difficult *grin*
We´ve been to the vet yesterday morning and in the afternoon I had to start a new little quiltlet. Just to feel the fabric and threads again - aaaaaahhh, how I missed it.....
Although I haven´t been lazy the last few weeks. I did sort all my threads and yarns. Doesn´t that look good?
Not sure how long it will stay that way, though...
Thanks to all of you for sending me good wishes. It sure helped to know others care, too. THANKS!!!

I hope to finish the little quiltlet tonight and then I might start a felted piece. Saw a few very interesting pieces on fickr lately and think it is time to work with my Happylock embellisher again.

Oh, forgot to tell about the Ricky Timms CD I ordered a while back. It is great. I think the title is "Grand Finale" and there are tons of great tips on it. I did those "Ricky Doodles" and it was fun to do them on my new Janome and to get a feel for the tension and all that with a new machine.

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quiltkunstquilt said...

Hallo Karin, wie schön, dass ihr beide, Du und Daisy wieder auf auf dem Weg der Besserung seid!Die arme Daisy, ich drücke die Daumen, dass das Futter die Lösung ist.