29 May 2006

Undo, newdo

Removed some of the stitching from the Vortices piece, cause I didn´t like the big red "blob" in the middle part. Then added some more purple/orange stitching in 2 spots. Will take a scan when it is completely stitched cause the scanner isn´t connected to the computer right now.
Then I thought I could give my happylock embellisher a bit of work to do and started a small piece.
Not sure yet where this is gonna take me, but I think I will do some handstitching on it. I need something new for the evening, when sitting in front of the tv.

The new "Quilting Arts" arrived today and I´ll have to try the fabric printing with tissue paper. I did this before without paint on paper for paper collages and as far as I recall it worked very well and was so easy to do. I´m sure I have a lot of coloured tissue paper somewhere and I hope it is the bleeding type, so I don´t have to buy new paper. And of course I will have to wait for a sunny day. And that might be the most difficult part, because I think for the last 2 weeks we had clouds and rain and rain and clouds. So let´s pray to the weather gods for some nice sunny weather.

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Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

The weather has at last changed for you.....hope to see your experiements soon. Lovely colours on this piece of work, I love to handstitch in front of the tv too. As long as the football is not showing!!

Maggie H.