11 June 2006

Stars and crosses

Haven´t been feeling well the last few weeks. Had some back problems and now my shoulders are tight and hurt terribly. Had some treatments and it is slowly getting better. So I didn´t do too much over these last weeks. Some stitching here, some fusing there, but not much to show.
Here is the felted piece from the last post.
I added two layers of black chiffon, then I machine stitched the grid with a twin needle and a single needle. Then I burned away most of the chiffon and it didn´t work out like I hoped. The yellow felt underneath almost vanished. So most of the contrast is lost.
Now I handstitch those crosses/stars with gold thread which I found this week. It´s called Arista by Anchor and I love it. Never seen it before.
I like handstitching this felted piece. It´s so much easier than cotton and it is very forgiving, too. Removing even the thick gold thread is possible. No holes show and you also don´t need a stabilizer in the back.


Pat said...

Hello from New England,
I love your blog, your posts and your work. And I am envious of your babylock embellisher-- having read a review in Quilting Arts I am just drooling for one.....Pat

teri springer said...

Oh Karin...I can relate. I have been trying to get my garden mulched....who knew 10 yards of mulch was so much??!! My hands are aching as are my shoulders. I prescribe a massage and a soak in a hot tub with something yummy to drink (preferably alcoholic).