28 May 2006

Vortices - still in progress

Today I worked on the Vortices piece and slowly I am achieving what I was looking for. Had to redo some parts, as the colour combinations of background and thread didn´t work, but now I think most areas are OK.
Taking a picture of it is very difficult, so I tried a scan. The complete piece still looks not too good (on the scan), but I think the details now give a good idea of what it looks in reality.
I don´t use a stabilizer cause I was trying to make the vortices become a bit 3D. In some areas it worked well, in others it still is too flat. I think I´ll try to poke and manipulate these areas later and maybe stuff the back with some batting.


kristin LaFlamme said...

This is looking really interesting. Have you considered adding some hand stitching (running stitch) with embroidery floss or perl cotton to add texture and contrast? You could even pull the threads a little tighter to bunch up the fabric more.

Elle said...

I love your quilting in this piece! The stitching's just as interesting as the texture and colors!