02 May 2006

New quilt - "Meditation" WIP

This is a very early stage of a new quilt. Don´t know why, but to me Meditation was the right name. There will be a lot of changes, but those are the colors and part of the composition. It was inspired by a quilt in the book by Dianne S. Hire "Quilters Playtime", although right now it is looking not at all as it was intended to look.
Does this happen to you, too? I start out with an idea in my head. Do a sketch or two and after selecting the fabric and starting to cut the fabric it goes it´s own way. I end up with something totally different.
I like this process, but sometimes I feel like I should stick to the first idea instead of changing the design every time I add something.
On the other hand, I often have the feeling that the finished quilt wanted to be created this way. It was inside and during the design process it was able to emerge and that is what really was inside of me. Oh my, this sounds confuse. Looks like there is a real weirdo inside of me. But as long as this weirdo helps me creating stuff, I´m enjoying the company... :-)


Shirley Goodwin said...

Karin, I often find that quilt designs "change" themselves as I go along, and what I end up with wasn't what I originally intended. For this reason, I only do very basic sketches (if at all).

Shirley in New Zealand

Beate said...

Dieser Anfang ist schon toll, finde ich und, es klingt durchaus nicht konfus für mich, ich kenne diese Gefühle und bin sehr gespannt auf das Endergebnis - ich liebe diese Farben, sie sprechen mich sehr an.