29 April 2006

On a rainy day in April...

the computer can be a real friend...

Spent part of the afternoon reading blogs and admiring other quilters/embroiderers great work. With all these blogs it is so easy to make new friends and meet people from all over the world. It is amazing how we have been able to survive without the WWW, isn´t it?
Wish we had internet 14 years ago when we moved to Japan for 2 years. It was great to write and receive letters, but internet would have been paradise then.

But back to here and now. I forgot to show the yummy Sari yarn I had ordered in the UK a week ago. It arrived this week and the colors and touch are wonderful. I don´t know how to use this soft yarn, but think at least one skein will become a scarf. I love silk and I think after washing they will be very very smooth.

Something else I bought last week is this Hosta. I don´t know the english name for it, but I´m sure this plant is growing in many parts of the world. I love these flowers as they grow so fast. You get the feeling to really see them grow on a warm and sunny day. Unfortunately we have thousands of snails in our garden and Hosta obviously taste delicious.... So this year I´ll try to have one in a pot and hope the snails won´t be able to climb up the rough pottery. Keep your fingers crossed ;-)And finally - the Tryptich

It´s the first time I used a new foot. It holds the yarn on top of the fabric, so you can sew easily through the yarn without holding it. Can´t remember it´s name, but if you only sew lines or soft curves, it is much easier than bobbin work.
Forgot to mention with whom I´m going to do the C&G´s course. I enrolled with Si├ón Martin
(thanks Maggie!). Her work is wonderful and inspiring and I´m sure I will learn a lot. Will keep you updated on the first module as soon as it arrives.

Oh, and thanks Francoise for mentioning the Beany/Littlejohn book in your comment. I just ordered it from Amazon. I have so many books on my wishlist and always hope somebody tells me about one to these books. Hope it will arrive wednesday cause now I´m very curious. :-)


deb said...

Where I used to live in NY, the Hostas were like weeds. They took over the whole garden so completely that I dug them up and pitched them over the stone wall into the wood...next year, they were peeking over the wall at me, all strong and spreading.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

You will love working with Sian, Let us know, as soon as you get yur first module, really excited for you. Will you be able to make it to the summer school she does at Urchfont in Wiltshire (UK)?
Maggie H

Sonji Hunt said...

Karin...the triptych is very cool. It looks like a mosaic. I can't wait to see how the couched yarn transforms it.

Also, we have a constant snail and earwig problem with our hostas, too. I solved it by putting a little saucer of beer at the base of the plant. The snails like the fermentation and crawl in and drown. It's cruel, but it works. I also dug up a bunch of my hostas and put them in big pots. It works nicely and you can layer bulbs and such with them. Lazy gardner stuff.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Hi - followed your link from the Surfacing group for a first look at your blog. I was seduced by the Sari yarn last year (just say "silk" and I'm there). Bought a skein each for me and an art quiltling friend. My initial thought was that if nothing else I could couch it on to a quilt. Then I saw some items crocheted with it in a local shop - coin purses and skull caps mainly. That got my mind working and I ended up crocheting a handbag. I'm glad I didn't do a scarf - it's rougher than you think. A recent Quilt Arts Magazine also had an article on using it so if you have access to that it will give you some ideas.