02 April 2006

Where is my muse?

A week has passed and I did almost nothing creative. Not sure what is wrong with me, but I feel so tired and although I have thousands of ideas for new projects, I am not able to get myself to do anything.
Today I looked through one of my favourite books "500 beaded Objects" and I ended up in front of the computer googling along, finding some interesting sites.
Lots and lots of Links HERE
And lots of Links to Bead Artists Websites HERE
It isn´t easy to find beaded Art besides beaded jewelery. I like to look at some of the jewelry pieces, too, but what interests me most are 3 dimensional beaded objects.
I love the pieces by Kathy and Tom Wegman who glue down thousands of beads onto everyday objects.The metronome on this site is my favourite.
Or the beaded dolls by Megan Noel
Or the gorgeous beaded objects by Margaret Ball
Make sure to have a cup of tea or coffee ready if you start browsing these sites ;-)


Dale Anne said...

Hi Karin!
Sometimes we just have to take a break and look around us to get that creative spirit back. A break is good!

Elle said...

Thanks for sharing these sites! Sometimes seeing others' creative works helps to inspire us. Give yourself a little downtime and you'll be back to your creative self very very soon!