27 March 2006

Bag of fun finished and some more

Today I finished the "bag of fun" project. It was a real challenge for me to work with these colors (which I would never chose myself) and the different types of fabric. The dark green one is velvet and the apricot colored fabrics are some sort of polyester, I think, and a piece of chiffon.
I like the little bag and even DH said "very elegant looking". He usually says something like "nice" or "OK" *grin*
And I finished the stitching part on my field of flowers. It is terribly difficult to get a good photo, so I made 3 and hope you get an idea of what it looks like in real. The finishing touch, which I like best, is a hairy type of yarn I added. You can see it in the 2 photos below. It also gives a nice and interesting feel.

I´m still not sure how to finish this piece. A wallhanging? A cushion? A bag? I think I will put it aside for a week and see what it "tells" me then. Partly because I really don´t know yet, but also because I want to go on working on my tryptich and because I want to start a new project with beads and beads and maybe some more beads. Curious? Yeah, me too *grin*

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kristin La Flamme said...

That hairy yarn really adds dimension to the field. It's quite fun! I see cushion.