06 April 2006

back back back

Oooh, seems it was a good idea to write down that I wasn´t able to do anything. Yesterday and today I quilted the pieces of my tryptich. 2 are completely quilted and the third one is almot 80% done. Yeaaahhhh !!!
And the fun is back, too. Maybe I´ll be able to finish the third piece before the weekend, so it is time now to start thinking about the way I will hang the tryptich. I already did a search on google and found a few quilt tryptichs to take a look at their finishing. I still don´t know if I will hang them on a stick or each of them as a single piece. I had an idea today about some dangling stuff to the right and left of the quilt and think I will experiment on that tomorrow. Maybe some small triangles like pendants with the fabric I used in the quilt. Combined with some beads and yarn as there will be yarn on the quilted pieces, too. And I think I will paint the stick with purple lumiere. But where do I find a stick? Bamboo maybe? I could cut a bamboo stick in our own garden which would be nice. But somehow I see metal. Will have to go look for something like this in a hardware store. Or maybe I will find something this weekend at a garden fair we are planing to visit.

Well, as you can see, the muse is back at work *grin*

And thanks for the heads up. I think I have to learn to relax when the creative juices aren´t flowing the way I want them to.

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