28 April 2006

Long time no see

Wow, a week has passed without blogging. I knew there was something missing.....
I have been doing a lot of organising and reorganising my stashes. I washed 4 mashine loads of new fabric. I bought here and there fabric, but never got myself to washing and folding it. So now there are only 3 mashine loads waiting for me in the celar. The good thing about all this washing and sorting was that I had to dig through my stash and "found" a lot of fabric I had forgotten about. I also know now that I need different yellows and oranges and greys. Ordered some yesterday ........ ;-)

I finished the tryptich but have to sew on the tunnels before I am able to take a photo. Maybe this weekend.
I started a little series of "one stitch only" studies. I adore the stuff from Beaney/Littlejohn and they often do these one stitch studies. They are also often featured in "Stitch" magazine and that is where I saw this stitch. Needs a lot more work, but I love blue and pink.
But the best thing I did last week was to enroll for the City & Guilds course for Stitched Textiles (Embroidery). I already sent the money and can´t wait for the first module to arrive.
In preparation for the course I started sorting and organizing my yarns and threads for hand embroidery. A good thing to do while watching tv.

And, as I hated the pictures of my digicam lately, I dug out my (very) old reflex camera. I just took 36 pictures and hope they will come out OK. I haven´t used this camera for 10 years or so and am not sure if it is still working. But we will see....


Françoise said...

Hi Karin.
I like Beany/Littlejohn too. Do you know their "Complete guide to Creative Embroidery"? This is my favourite book.
I've done many embroidery samples in another life. I'll try to scan them and post them on my blog soon.
I like your blog and your work :-)

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

What excitement, waiting for your first module of work. Who did you sign up with to do City and Guilds?

i have a feeling you will really enjoy it

Maggie H

Beate said...

Dieses gestickte Bild ist Klasse, einfach schöön! Ist es nicht wunderschön was mit Stichen alles gemacht werden kann?
Und, viel Erfolg bei der Arbeit mit deiner alten Kleinbildkamera. Du kannst die Filme ja beim Entwicklen gleich digitalisieren lassen auf einer CD, und wenn du ein Programm hast, bearbeiten und ins Netz stellen, damit wir alle was davon haben :-)
Ein schönes langes Wochenende ohne Stress (Berlin-1.Mai) wünsche ich dir