09 March 2006

Stitch Stitch Stitch

Almost done with filling it all with knots and loops and stitches....
I will add some more ribbon in the end, cause it became too difficult to stitch with ribbon in the back. It´s easy to go through wool with a needle, but ribbon is tricky.

Funny thing is, that the back looks very interesting, too.

This might be an idea for another project. And without having to do all the knots on the other side, it would be a lot faster to do.

Christiane asked about the fabric I used as background. It is called "Aida" and I think it is originally for cross stitching. It is very good for using wool and ribbon as there are holes in it already. It comes in various sizes, means the holes are smaller or larger and I think the thread is thinner or thicker. It´s the first time I used it and I really enjoy working with it. I stitched on quilting fabric before and it was a lot more difficult. Here is a detail of the fabric I used.
Oh, and I forgot the title for the stitched piece. I couldn´t find the exact expression in english for it in the dictionary, but I think "Field of Flowers" comes close to "Blumenwiese". If somebody knows the correct expression for it, I would love to learn.

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kristin La Flamme said...

You translated "Blumenwiese" perfectly. Quilting Arts had an article recently with similar all-over stitches and I think they recommended using burlap or loosely woven linen as options for the Aida. I would think that the colored Aida cloth found at stores that specialize in cross stitch would also make a great ground.