13 March 2006

Melt the felt

The new "Quilting Arts" arrived saturday. Most of all the Kunin felt Lace looks interesting, so I looked for my felt stash and found 2 different sorts of felt. The first one didn´t melt at all which is sad, because it is available in every craft store and comes in dozens of colors. The other one did melt a bit, but I think it isn´t Kunin.
Here is the piece I did with a piece of white felt.

and after melting
It looks interesting, but it is quite stiff and feels like plastic now. I don´t think it can be used for larger pieces or anything wearable because some sharp edges are sticking out on the front and back. But I will keep this little piece and maybe one day it will be the perfect embellishment for a larger piece.

So today I looked for Kunin felt in Germany and was very disappointed. I only found one online-shop carrying the felt. The price seems to be OK compared to US prices, but the colors - noo way. Not for me.
So I googled and finally found an ebay shop in the UK offering a wide range of colors and ordered 5 pieces. And in this shop I found chiffon scarves, which are also hard to get in Germany. They look very sheer, which is exactly what I was looking for.
The postage costs are unbelieveably low for UK-Germany and I can´t wait to get all the new stuff to play with. Just hope they will make it faster than the "STITCH" magazines ;-)

Last week I didn´t do too much because my right wrist hurts terribly. I overdid handstitching with the "Field of flowers" piece and will go see a doctor this week. I´m afraid a carpal tunnel syndrom is nearing and I hope there is something I can do to prevent it. I also ordered some special gloves in UK, which should help a bit.
The right wrist and thumb always have been a problem. When I worked as an optician years ago I always had problems and that´s one reason why I gave up this job.

Only thing I finished last week are 2 ATCs. Forgot to take a photo of the other one, as it is already on it´s way to a friend.
It was fun to do the 2 ATCs after staying away from these little cards for a few months. I like to look at all the beautiful postcards and ATCs done with fiber and fabric, but the fascination of creating them myself has vanished. I think I made way too many when I was doing paper and mixed media collages. Now larger pieces are much more interesting for me and I enjoy doing wallhangings.

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Kristin La Flamme said...

Fun experimentation! Let me know how it goes with the shop in the UK. I'd love for some sheer scarves to fall into my hands so I can try Nuno Felting. Ordering online sounds like a good way to go.