07 March 2006

Break from quilting

Over the weekend I needed a break from quilting cause my shoulders started to hurt. Before it got real bad I stopped and started a new project, which was inspired by a project in one of the STITCH magazines. It is growing slowly, but steadily and it is a lot of fun. I am using only threads, wool, ribbons, sheers and yarns from my stash. Goooood feeling *grin*
I took shots while working, so here are the stages so far. It should be filled completely soon (at least I hope so). It measures 23cm x 23cm or 9x9inches.

This is pic 1 and 2. I started with straight stitches and then went on with sheers, wool and yarn, doing mostly various knots and loop stitches.

Pic 3 and 4 where I used even more various yarns and sheers.

And this is a detail of stage 4. The colors are more vibrant in real, but it seems my digi has difficulties catching the colors and structure. I might have to try the scanner.

I think I will add lots of beads after all is covered and maybe some other embellishments. In the original design it is a cushion, but I am sure my dogs would ruin it in less than a week if I put it on our sofa. So it will become a wall hanging.


Kristin La Flamme said...

This is really neat. I hope you add more straight or chain stitches on top of the knots so they don't all get lost on the bottom layer. You could even use it as a block in a quilt... What a fun way to use up stash stuff.

quiltkunstquilt said...

What a good idea! I like it very much.It looks interesting.What sort of fabric did you use for background?