20 March 2006

Bag of fun - now with photos

Looks like I´m having the same problems as many others with uploading photos to blogger. So I am not able right now to show you the bag I am working on tonight.
It is a little project from an online group. Every player received a small envelope filled with identical pieces of fabric, yarn and sheers. It is up to the player what to create with it, but all the pieces from the bag must be visible in the finished piece.

I didn´t know what to do with this bag of fun til friday. I´ve been to the opera and suddenly it hit me, that the fabric and stuff would be perfect for a small and elegant handbag. It´s velvet in it, too, so I think it should be nice.

So I will try to make a design this evening and maybe even start sewing. I have an idea from a book about stitched handbags and there is something inside for velvet that looks really great.

As soon as blogger is back to working mode I will upload a photo of the pieces before and maybe a WIP picture.

Oh, and thanks for your comments on my website, but the site that is online right now is the old version. I am working on a new version which I think is much better. So as soon as it is up I will let you know.


Aaah, blogger is working nicely again and here are the 2 photos so far.

Contents of the bag:
And this is the design I came up with:It´s already past midnight, so sewing will have to be done later today.

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quiltkunstquilt said...

Oh Karin,
what a nice idea!!! It looks great! I´m still having NO idea for my bag of fun.