17 March 2006

Working on my website

Nothing to show today, as I spent the last 2 days working on my website. I do have a website already, but it is chaotic and needs a new look. Take a look and you will see what I mean: www.creaworx.de
I´m not that much into computers, so I have to struggle with many small problems. Plus I have a new internet access and have to take my domain with me. Not sure yet how this will work and what about my emailadresses which belong to that domain.
Way to many ????????s here.

I did buy some more ribbon and yarn yesterday for the "Field of flowers" piece and they look great. My hand is much better, too, so I will get back to it this weekend.

And I found an online store in Germany that sells Superior Threads at a great price. I still can´t believe it, because I love Superior and always had to order directly from the USA. Now, with a discussion about metallic threads on QuiltArt I will give the Superior metallics a try. I bought 2 different metallic threads a few months ago (Madeira and another brand I don´t recall right now) and both drove me and my sewing machine nuts. So I gave up on metallic threads but will give it a new chance with Superior Metallics soon. They also recommended a thread called Yenmed and I also was able to find an online store for that one. So one more chance if the Superior won´t work for me. But I really think Superior will be fine cause I love to use the Rainbow Quilting thread and never had a problem using it.


Elle said...

I just bought some Superior threads for the first time and I'm so excited to use them. The colors are beautiful!

teri springer said...

I have a hugh stash of Superiors....my favorite.

Love the web site. Finally, maybe I can *relearn* Deutsch!! I took 3 years in high school and 2 more in college but, after my uncle and grandfather died (who were both raised in a German speaking home) I had no one to talk to!!

Keep up the great work!


Alma Stoller said...

Karin, your site is looking great, and I am loving the stitching you are doing. I love the colors and texture...keep it up.