21 March 2006

Website and mailing day

Oh my, I spent all afternoon on the computer working on my website. It is crazy, cause every time I think the design and all looks good another idea pops into my head and I start redoing it all again. If I go on like this, this site will never be ready to go online.
But it really is looking much better now and I like it so far. I still have to take photos of some of my quilts, but as soon as the domain is with the new contract, I can upload the site and add more photos later.

I also had a great mail day today. The Superior threads came about an hour ago. I orderd one spool each of Razzle Dazzle, Bottom Line, Metallic and Metallic variegated. They all look nice and I hope I´ll be able to do a test later today.
And the Kunin felt and the lovely chiffon scarves I ordered from the UK arrived. The sheers are wonderful. Almost like "nothing", so thin and yet vibrant colors. I think I will have to order some more soon. ;-)

And saturday I got a package with the Handeze gloves and a gorgeous seat frame for stitching. The gloves looked funny, but they do a great job. The pain is completely gone. I stitched for almost 3 hours yesterday and my hand feels wonderful. No cramping, no pain, no matter what I do. Also it helps a lot when working on the computer. I will never ever work again without these gloves.
And the seat frame is wonderful, too.

Isn´t life wonderful????

Oh, and it seems like spring is almost here. Sun is shining, snow almost gone - what more can I expect.....

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