01 February 2006

Triptych WIP

So here is the work from day 1. I ironed all the fabric to Wonder Under and cut it into small pieces. So far I like it, but it needs more tiny pieces of lighter violett. In real the colours are more diverse than it looks on the photo.
Size is approximately 100cm x 70cm (39x27 Inches)
Will have to get me new Wonder Under tomorrow, as I used up the last tiny bit. Thought I had lots of it, but found that the role was pelmet, not Wonder Under. So one more reason to got to the quilt shop tomorrow. Now I will have to rest, cause my back hurts. Hopefully it will be OK again tomorrow.

1 comment:

Elle said...

I like the colors. I made a postcard with the fuse and cut like this. Very fun and freeing.