31 January 2006

News on the celar/studio

Today another "specialist" came to look at our celar and the way it is developing. As we had very low temperatures over the last 2 weeks, the humidity had no chance of coming out ot the walls. Before they drilled holes in the walls and pumped in the artificial resin 2 out of 4 rooms had waterdrops hanging on the ceiling. Last weekend I found that in the 3rd room waterdrops are forming, too. Can you imagine how I felt, when I saw this? It cost almost 14.ooo Euro to have this resin pumped into the walls and 2 weeks later the situation is worse than before!
So he came today and had a look at all the rooms and told me, that it is because of the cold weather and because we don´t have the heating on in the celar. The radiators had to be taken off the walls, because they had to drill the holes behind them. And as they weren´t able to finish their job 2 weeks ago, we are still not able to heat the rooms. Friday will be the day they come back to finish their job and then I need the other guys again to get the radiators back onto the wall and going.
As we only have radiators in 3 rooms, I just bought a hot air blower for room #4. Now I will see if this helps. Keep your fingers crossed, cause this whole thing really drives me crazy.

The guy who came today offered me to come back in June and test if the rooms are OK for renovation. If the humidity is back to normal, I can start with my studio. Ooooh - that sounds so wonderful - my studio.

And I made a decision yesterday. I will sell most of my rubber stamps and related stuff on ebay and hope hope hope that it will make enough money to buy me the Janome 6600. I sooooo much want this machine, but as my Pfaff is only 1 1/2 years old, there is no way of buying it now. It would be wonderful if I could keep the Pfaff and buy the Janome, but it will be OK, too, if I have to give in the Pfaff to get a better price. O my - so much to dream about...

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quiltkunstquilt said...

I' keep my fingers crossed for you and hope you will get the Janome AND the new (dry)studio soon!!!
Greetings, Christiane