05 February 2006

Ordered a new computer today. Yaaaaaaaeeeeehhhhh
It will arrive in 2 weeks and I can´t wait to start "playing" with the new toy.
Then I will be able to blog offline, which will be much better, I hope.

Haven´t worked on my quilt over the weekend but had a wonderful shopping day on friday. Been to 3 yarn shops and found so many wonderful skeins on sale. I took some pics, but Blogger won´t upload them. Will try again tomorrow, sorry.

But here is a side for a great knitfelt bag. The instructions are in german, but if anybody is interested, just write a comment and I will contact you about the translation. It looks real cool, doesn´t it? And I like the way it is knit in one piece.

The lady in the 3rd yarn shop had 2 beautiful bags made after this pattern. We had a lot of fun talking about knitfelting.

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