28 February 2006

15 Stitches

...arrived today.
and they only took 2 months to arrive. Can you believe this? 2 months from the UK to Germany by surface. Do they use Pony-Express or what?
I already thumbed through 4 or 5 of them and I love love love them. So much inspiration and great photos and book reviews and more more more. Do I like this magazine? Yes Yes Yes !!!!!

Been working on my triptych yesterday.
I decided to quilt it and I am slowly making progress. Some of the small fabric pieces came off, though, and I am a bit helpless now. I used old Wonder Under but had hoped it didn´t matter. But obviously it was too old and it isn´t working 100% anymore. If the pieces stick to the fabric long enough the quilting will hold them in place, but I am afraid some will come off before I reach them with the quilting. If all fails I will glue them down with a tiny spot of fabric glue. Won´t hurt, I hope.
Here is a detail photo of the quilting. Not much to see, though, as the effect will be added in the end. A very pinky thread will go across the 3 pieces in various directions. But still a lot of quilting to do before that.


Scrapmaker said...

I like the colors of your triptych quilts. With the quilting over the small pieces they will seem very textured. Jen

Karoda said...

I picked up the current issue of Stitch a few days ago. I had never paid attention to it before to know there was such a magazine, but after seeing it on your blog my curiosity was peeked. I think I'll add it as a regular purchase. Thanks.

Joanne S said...

Try pressing it again. Hot iron and steam. Sometimes it refuses to fuse.
I hold the iron in one spot and count to ten, then move to a new spot. A press cloth over the top if you worry about burning the fabric.