03 March 2006


DH has been to Belgium today and brought me some of the famous chocolate Truffles. They are sooooo yummy. Ate one and will try to keep them for a while cause they taste way tooo good to eat them all at once. But that will be very hard, believe me....

Have been a busy girl today and finished the quilting on one piece of the Triptych and started on the next one. As ist is difficult to see on the front I just took a photo of the back. Lines and lines and lines. I always admired quilts that are covered with lines altogether and now I will admire them even more, as I know now how much work this is. But so far I like it and can´t wait to see all three pieces done completely.

I am quiling each piece with a different colour of Superior Rainbow thread. I love those colours and the go very well with the colors on the quilt.

And this might become a future quilt. Isn´t that a beauty? It is the third stem that is in full bloom now and it really begs to become a quilt soon.

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