26 February 2006

Hate them - love them

Oh my - computers - I really wish I would be able to understand them.
Spend most of the weekend with this thing and all the problems around internet connection, new software, installing old software and what not.

But I also have something to show you today. I finished my first piece with the Happylock Embellisher and really like it.

I added some more beads (unfortunately a bit too small for the photo) and added a "frame" of yarn and then mounted it all on canvas. Not sure about the correct word here. I mean a piece of canvas already on a wooden frame. My dictionary gives me the word "subframe" for it. Maybe it´s best to take a picture. So here is the sideview.

The frame is 24cm x 30cm (9,5 x 11,5 inches) and the background is a piece of batic. I love the colors and will hang it in my room for sure.

The marriage quiltlet is still a paper only version. I found another shade of yellow for it friday, so hope to start on it next week. It is very difficult for me to find a special tone of fabric, as there is only one quilt shop nearby that has a good assortment of quilt fabric. But I was shocked when I saw friday, that they have only 2/3 of the fabric they had last time. Sure hope they only wait for new fabric to come in, cause without this shop I will be lost. There are 2 other shops that carry fabric, but their assortment is so small.

That is one reason why I can´t wait for my studio. Then I will be able to dye and paint to create just the right fabric for all my needs.


emmyschoonbeek said...

very good it so nice to work whit the embelisher dont you think so

Karin said...

Yes, the embellisher is a lot of fun. Will try a picture completely done with felt next time. Have to buy the felting material first.