25 January 2006


Thanks to Teri and Kristin for your comments on my Structured Fabrics Quilt I posted yesterday. I am still unsure what to do and will think of both ideas for a while.
It is always a big problem for me when I get stuck cause the idea I had in mind when starting a new project went completely wrong and I feel lost. Maybe I think too much instead of following my feelings when I get stuck.

Not feeling well these days, I don´t feel like being creative at all. The weather really drives me crazy. I can´t be outside with the dogs like we are used to because all the streets and paths we usually walk are icy and it is so horrible to walk there. Joker and Daisy love to dig for mice in the fields and now the ground is frozen almost everywhere, so it is boring for them to just walk. They feel that I hate the situation and so they feel lousy, too. It´s a vicious circle.

Don´t they look sad?

Also I am impatient (which is a really bad habit of mine) because I ordered a bunch of back issues from "Stitch" and they should have arrived a week ago. I just hope they are not lost.
I also subscribed to the magazine and the first 2 issues already arrived. And I love them. I want to do a lot more hand embroidery in my textile work and this magazine is exactly what I was looking for.
I am still not sure if I should subscribe to "Embroidery", too. I get "Fiber Arts" and subscribed to an australian magazine for textile arts last week. Hope the first magazine will arrive soon, but Australian mail sometimes takes way too long for my taste (impatiens - remember?).

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