26 January 2006

Freeform Crochet

On the internet I came across the term "Freeform crochet and knitting" and found some very interesting photos. Crochet always seemed to me to be something oldfashioned, but now I know better ;-)
I just started a small piece with some leftover Noro yarn and I love it.
I started without any Pattern to see if I was able to get something that looked interesting. Now that sure is something I will have to look into in more depth. Especially as it is perfect to use up leftover yarns from knitting projects.

I bought this book cause the cover looked great, but am a bit disappointed. There are some interesting projects inside, but they are not as "free" as the cover piece.
Here are a few links if you (just like me) never heart of free form knitting/crochet before.
International Free Form Crochet Guild
But Google has a lot more. These are just the first 3 that popped up.

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