23 January 2006

New Postcard and some "old" stuff

Finally I finished this postcard I started weeks ago. It was a first try with water-soluble wax pastels. I think the fabric wasn´t perfect for it, but I liked the watercolour effect that was quite easy to achieve. Will try this with on a larger scale.

And here is something I am not at all happy with.

It is a quilt I did in an online class that was called "Structured Fabrics". The structured fabric is the center piece and I liked doing it. It is partly fused, partly sewn with satin stitch. The background is made of woven strips. BUT I don´t like the quilt the way it is now. It lacks a focal point and contrast. It is unbalanced and I´m staring at it for months now, hoping one day I would find out what it needs. So, any suggestions? I would be very grateful for a good idea.

And here is another piece that needs the finishing touch.

It is sort of a curtain that is inspired by little curtains that are hung in the doors of japanese homes. I made it a quilt and it was one of my first pieces. It is quilted in the ditch.
I absolutely love the colours and I decided to make a small series with japanese subjects. I have been living in Japan for almost 2 years and a few weeks ago had a look at all the old photos and slides. Lot´s of great material.
The funny thing is, that when I lived in Japan Quilting meant absolutely nothing to me. I wish I could turn back the time and start quilting 15 years sooner and go to the great Yokohama quilt shows and buy gorgeous fabric and much more. But, no chance to do that, so only thing I can do is hope that DH will have to work there one day and we will be able to stay another few years in this fascination country.


Kristin La Flamme said...

I like the yellow strips in the quilt you don't like. Perhaps you could make then wider to add more contrast to the quilt. i like the way they sort of crash into the center. It would be nice to see that in a more obvious way.

teri springer said...

The quilt you don't like- there is too much going on. The background and central figure are competing with each other and, given the colors...they are doing it at the top of their lungs!!! You need to tone one or the other down. Or separate them and use each in a new piece.