23 January 2006

Picasso exhibit

Saturday I´ve been to a Picasso exhibition in Berlin. It was very interesting. I didn´t know much about him or his work and only knew the very colourful abstract oilpaintings most people know. The exhibition was from the pieces of his private collection that were given to (or taken by) Paris after his death. So there are lots of unfinished pieces and I´m sure pieces he didn´t like or didn´t think would be worth finishing.
There were probably 40% oil paintings and 60% sketches and the sketches really fascinated me. Although I usually like colour better than black and white, his sketches have something very special. It is difficult to describe but I had the feeling he sometimes worked on those sketches like crazy. So many lines and lines and lines that sometimes the background was completely filled with hundrets of them.
Also the way he filled areas with swirls and other tiny designs made me think of fabric designs. Very delicate and then right beside it a monstrous minotaur. Sometimes quite disturbing, so I had to stare at it and try to understand, feeling more and more lost because I wasn´t able to understand at all.
I´ll definitely take another look at his works soon and also read some more about him.

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