16 January 2006

No (new) ART today

Day 1 of cellar restauration is over and I am glad there are only minor problems to solve. The 2 guys who came for the job did a lot of cigarette and coffee breaks, but they also worked fast and as the price is already set I don´t care if they do it in 2 or 3 days time. The cellar looks really funny now.

They drilled holes in all the corners (floor and walls) and tomorrow they will start injecting something into these holes.

And these are the drills they ruined during the day. Looks like our walls are wet but very solid *grin*

As I don´t like postings without arty stuff in it, here is the knitted/felted bag I did last week. Well it isn´t finished yet, as I have to attach the strap. But I love love love this bag already as the colours are so vibrant.
And here is how I did it. I used 100% wool yarn from Noro (japanese brand which is available in the US and Europe) Kureyon. I knitted with needles 2 sizes larger than given on the label of the yarn and then put it in the washing machine at 60 degrees Celcius (or hot cycle) 3 times and that´s it. Let it dry and your bag is finished.


Kristin La Flamme said...

What a yummy little bag!

Good luck with the celar renovation. I tried to install a new light fixture yesterday, but the ceiling is so strong that I could only drill about 1 cm before giving up. I called the electrician this morning to finish the job!

Mamarox said...

Those are colors are gorgeous! Can't wait to see it with a strap. Will you add a lining?