30 January 2006

New quilt project

Now I finally started working on the living room quilt I was thinking about for way too long.
It is planned to be a tryptich (or triptych?) and I found most of the fabric I will need for it in my stash.

I bought a great book a few months ago and now used it and it´s Color Tools to pick the colors. I will do a Split Complementary Color chart and hope it will work.

This book is by far the best book on color composition for fabric and fiber arts I ever read. It has lots of color examples for fabric, fiber, woll, felt und much more.

This is the first sketch for the quilt:

I will do a "background" out of the above fabrics in a snippelt like style. Just like I did in the Africa Quiltlet. The lines will be done in satin stitch in yellow or violett. Not sure yet.

Will have to look for another violett in a quilt shop this week cause I think it needs another hue of violett. Tomorrow I will start cutting small snippets and see how the colors will look then.

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teri springer said...

Interesting. That book was one we were using in my weaving class and I just ordered it from Amazon. This quilt looks like it's going to be really cool. Can't wait to see more.