27 January 2006

Knit-Felt-Bag finished

Wow, 2 postings on one day. Am I producitve or what?
I just finished the knitted feltbag. Had to find some nice buttons and what I found was grey "stones" made of wood. The grey was way to "blaaah", so I painted them with Lumiere in violett.

I added 2 buttons, one on each side, because the front and back look different and I wanted to be able to use the bag with both sides as front.
So here it is. Side 1 and side 2.

The pictures aren´t too good. It´s already getting dark outside and our room light gives a horrible yellowish tone, so I just used the flash. Will try to get 2 better pics tomorrow.

And yes, you might have noticed that the colours look just like the sea anemone? The anemone is made from leftover yarn from this bag.


Mamarox said...

Brilliant! I love the buttons too. The Lumiere is a perfect touch. Thanks too for the idea on how to close the bag that I did.

Liz said...

I love this bag - the colours are gorgeous. And the buttons... how did you attach them? Did you drill holes?

I like your freeform crochet too - looking forward to seeing more of it!