27 January 2006

I´m hooked

I never thought I could be fascinated with crochet. Well, it happened and here is my first finished piece: Sea Anemone

I swear it is the first time I crocheted something and this anemone just evolved on her own. It was like magic. I had no plan at all where to go to, but the yarn itself is so beautiful. I will have to buy some more Noro Kureyon, cause the colors - well you can see it yourself.
And here is the next piece. Not sure what it will be, but right now it looks to me like an island. Would go well with the sea anemone *grin*

Do you think that these forms show my longing for sun and beach and summer? I am sure they do!

Now I would like to learn to crochet, but am not sure if it is better to buy a german crochet book or an english one. I´m sure it will be easier for me to learn with a german book, but then I have to translate into english when it comes to freeform books. The book I bought already gives me an idea of the problems that would arise then. I do have the translations for knitting, but as I knew knitting before, that is another thing. On the other hand - do I need another free form book, because - well it is free form after all and who needs a pattern from free from, right? But books are sooooo good. Will I withstand a good looking free form crochet book?
Anybody who could recommend a good crochet book or maybe website tutorial for absolute beginners? Will have to google it later today. But as I prefer a book instead of internet I will have to take a look at amazon, too.

Weather still is horror. We won´t reach temperatures higher than freezing point, so this is definitely the whitest winter of my life. And that means of 40 years.
I´m dreaming myself to a far away place. A warm place, with sun and sand. Yeah - Australia - Red Center - Ayers Rock - Now that would be just perrrrfect....

Haven´t started with my journal quilts for this year. Am not sure if I will at all.
Maybe I should focus on other materials and techniques this year. The studio won´t be ready before beginning of next year, so quilting might have to wait. Knitting, crochet, machine needle felting, beading - all this doesn´t need a studio. I can do most of it sitting on the couch. And to be honest, that is what I want right now.

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